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A series of Informal Interactive Tech Talks about Front End Web Development.

Hosted by Ada Rose Cannon, a Developer Advocate from the Samsung Internet Web Browser:

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Next Talk

You can see recordings from old broadcasts at the bottom of this page.

The next talk is scheduled for:
Thursday July 5th at 6.30pm UK time. (13:30pm EST, 10:30am PT, )

We will start the stream with an interview with Jo Baletti, a great developer who speacialises in CSS Grid, Progressive Web Apps and helps run Code Bar.


Previous Talks

1. Isomorphic Rendering

The topic, as voted for on twitter, will be Isomorphic Rendering and HyperHTML. Where I will walk through a demo of using HyperHTMl, Native es6 imports to set up a single template that works server side and client side.