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A series of Informal Interactive Tech Talks about Front End Web Development.

Hosted by Ada Rose Cannon, a Developer Advocate from the Samsung Internet Web Browser:

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Next Talk

You can see recordings from old broadcasts at the bottom of this page.

The next talk is scheduled for: Thursday August 10th at 6.30pm UK time.

The plan is just to live code some A-Frame and chat about it as we do.


If the player doesn't load you can watch it on twitch here: AdaPlaysOverwatch on Twitch

Previous Talks

1. Isomorphic Rendering

The topic, as voted for on twitter, will be Isomorphic Rendering and HyperHTML. Where I will walk through a demo of using HyperHTMl, Native es6 imports to set up a single template that works server side and client side.

2. Codebar and CSS Houdini feat Jo Balletti

The 2nd Episode. In which I chat with Jo Balletti from Samsung Internet (@thisisjofrank) about what it is like to be a mentor and some of the cutting edge web experiments she is building with new CSS features. Sorry about the audio, the mic was playing up. Intro music: Internet, the day when all humans will disappear by Monplaisir